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Facebook profile, group or page, what is better ??

This article will explain the difference between creating a group on Facebook and create a Facebook page.

We will try to explain the differences to the start not to make a mistake and you know what you want to do for your company, a business or organization.

facebook page
Everyone's goal is to gather as many Facebook members and is very important to know in which direction to go.

If you want to promote your company, brand, product, or one of your service, the group is entirely useless. You wonder why, because you have now opened the group that you run from a neighbor recommended because that way you can send invitations to all without restriction. That's where you are wrong.

First, to explain what the group on Facebook is.
The Group is not the same as the Facebook page. The Group is in fact more limited. You can make that anyone can be a member and you can make and closed groups. To join the group, you can send invitations to their friends through inbox and knows it very frustrating because you also can apply for SPAM. Another bad thing is everything you post on your wall only see members of the group, but not their friends. Group up to 5000 members can send mass emails to members, but watch out for spamming. Groups are imagined as a place where members communicate about certain topics or events.

As soon as your group reaches 5000 members, you lose the status of the administrator and thus losing the ability to send messages. And also after that your group is useless, as if you do not have. When you want to send a message to a group came to them in their inbox, it will not be able to. If you want to call in some event, send a message about an event, unfortunately you can not.

Maybe in a near future thing to change, but for now it is so.

Groups can use the application on Facebook, so you can not have a sweepstakes, personalized pages and attractive FB link, which we already wrote.

To conclude, we do not recommend the group, and if you have no ambiguity you can call us and we'll explain in more detail.

What is the Facebook page?
You can open an unlimited number of Facebook pages, you can create a page for your service, brand, company, band, or something else. There is no limit to the number of members as it is in the group.
Everything you write on your wall in your news feed-in, they will see all of your members and you can write unlimited.
Do not overdo the amount of revelation as it will easily happen that you put members of the "hide". If you every 5 minutes writing something, you will get tired of the members and if you put in "hide" then you will never see your post.
Facebook page can have personalized pages as you can see here. It may also have a short address, for example.
You can also use a variety of applications on the Facebook page, for example. sweepstakes, calls to action, as well as a multitude of other applications. Applications can further sew your Facebook page with many programs and functions.
Perhaps the most important advantage of the site is what will your facebook page to index Google and other search engines, so that all you have on Facebook page will be Indexed by search engines, as opposed to the group where it is not the case.
Facebook page you can easily connect to your Web site, and put in various applications on your site, from lajkanja articles, add comments to each of the articles or products and a variety of other options.

Facebook page is now the most cost effective and best marketing investment and should be exploited.
You as an administrator can use statistics within Facebook which is called "Insights", where you see the complete statistics of visits and you can keep track of how much you have "unsubscribed" members who have put you in the "hide" box.

And finally, a word of warning that many probably do not know it exists. Facebook not allowed to have a fake name. This means that people who have opened your profile first and then it changed into a company name, brand or similar, can stay without your profile and you can put out the profile. One day you might be asking you to scan your documents and send them to the authorization, and then it will be very difficult to justify you on a personal or passport does not say "CVJETARNA Carnation". You can only have problems.

We believe that you have found this article useful and that we are closer to you and explain the differences between the groups and pages, and for any questions you can contact us by phone, email and the like.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

How can you make money with Infolinks,what kind of website is Infolinks,how does it works?

Infolinks is great service for publishers and advertisers where you can customize your own campaign how ever you like.

how to make money with infolinks
It is quite easy actually to install the ad units,they have like inFrame, InFold, InTag, and InText. 
If you are an advertiser,than Infolinks is perfect for your campaign to promote thousands of infolinks engaged users.

How Publishers make money with Infolinks?

If you have a blog with nice traffic,than I suggest you tu apply for Infolinks Publisher,because they work diferent than other Marketplaces.
The good thing is that you can place their code to your wordpress ,blogger or which ever platform you use,in just a few minutes, their ads shows in text of your blog post,so caled InText ads, so it has more chance if someone read your article move over with mouse will click on underlined words so that way you get clicks,and money of course :)
See on my blog,I have those ads.
Or,if you do't like ti,you can chose beside InText ad units like inFrame, InFold, InTag.
Very easy to implement,soon as you sign up,you can connect units with your blog platform.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 best programs for photo editing and you can sell your edited photos and make money.

Each of us has at least sometimes wish to process a photo: remove the irregularity, cut, rotate or edit colors. However, Which is the best program for editing and photo?

In this text, you have the opportunity to discover the top 5 programs for editing photos. 

5 best programs for photo editing
Pixelmator is a simple program, very nice software environment, designed for Mac users. With the possibility of adding layers and plenty of tools for editing photos, Pixelmator offers a number of possibilities. It's great for Mac users who do not require a lot of programs for photo editing, and at the same time and do not plan to allocate a larger sum of money.

5 best programs for photo editing
Inkscape is a program for creating vector graphics, such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Xara X. In addition, it offers you still plenty of opportunities, but is definitely worth mentioning and recommendations.

5 best programs for photo editing
Fireworks is Adobe's program for image editing for web designers. In several fields outstrips its big brother Photoshop, because it is highly specialized for web designers. It is intended for raster and vector graphics and has the ability to simultaneously work with one and the other format at the same time, much easier and better than in Photoshop.

5 best programs for photo editing
GIMP - (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful software for editing photos. With its customizable software environment, it is easy to regulate and adjust to the needs of each user. Compatible with all major operating systems, can also can install on Linux. Mac and Windows. It features a large number of tools for retouching and is suitable both for beginners and for advanced users.

5 best programs for photo editing
It's no surprise that the Photoshop absolute winner. Photoshop is a program that everyone comes to mind first when making files in question, and there is very little about this program that has not been said. Photoshop is definitely the best photo editing software and creating elements for websites and the like, it is now offered in the market. 

These are the best photo editors and you can sell your nice edited photos on websites where photos sells.
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Friday, April 10, 2015

How to register a website on Google here is simple Instructions.

For the success of the web site, it is certainly one of the most important, and often the most important, thing you have to do - sign and positioning of the site on Google.

Although Google after some time (about 3 days) I indexing (notice and began to appear in search results) your website, sometimes it happens that this period is much longer. Either way, the manual logging of your web site will speed up the process and reduce waiting. This is particularly important when it comes to a viral campaign or humanitarian action, when it is essential that your website as soon as visible to as many people on the Internet. And to succeed, you have to know how to register a website on google.

How to register a website on Google?
How to register a website on Google?
The procedure is very simple. Registration site on Google search is done in just a few steps. All you need to do is to click on: Add Url link to google the application form of the web site.

Feedback registration site on Google

Enter the domain of your website (www ....) And then type in the captcha generator and that's all. After clicking on "Send request" on the screen will print the message "The application was received and will be processed shortly."
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Friday, March 27, 2015


Lately in the world of web design is often mentioned Google Penguin update, others may have heard of it, and most of the webmaster and felt his influence on their websites.

SEO optimization
This update has caused havoc in the SERP (search results the search engines) and contributed to many sites that are doing SEO optimization for themselves lose their positions on Google, while the less popular sites that look pretty poor take their place. So, what happened and how to fight it?

The meaning of Google Penguin updates to punish sites that use SEO techniques to tricky way just to take up better positions on search results. There are some things here that play a major role ...

First Onpage SEO. If you over-use your main keyword in the title, H1 tags, meta tags, etc. sidebar. Google will analyze it and repeat on the ground that will penalize - penalize sites. Google requires everything to be natural and that the keywords used sparingly on the site. Whether you want to or not from now you will have to adjust to the rules of the game that Google dictates, if you want to achieve high positions in search results.

If you do not want to customize Google have the ability to opt out of it (which is not a very smart solution) and to do optimization for Yahoo and Bing, which do not take into account all these factors and allow to use techniques the way you want to achieve the desired results.


2nd Anchor text of your incoming links. Long is a general rule that if you want to rank well for certain keywords only need to use them in the text of the link, but that's changed. Google now checks the distribution of text links that you used in Offpage SEO site optimization and asked to remove the unnatural inbound links. So if your site is reported to Google Webmaster Tools and Google detects unnatural distribution of links, you will get a message that your vegetable links unnatural and that it needs to fix. The problem is this, natural links should not always have an anchor text, some of them should look like http: //www.vaš Anchor text should also be varied to be natural links, ie. To use different keywords in the links that lead to your site.

Many people offer various solutions and recipes how exactly should be done to build links, but our advice is to not listen to any of them. If any of them really has a secret formula for dominance in the search certainly would not share with you, but would he used and applied on its website. The most important thing is to get hold of basic guidelines defined by Google and therefore do many tests to determine which strategy works best links for you.

So how can win GOOGLE PINGVIN?

As we just said no one will share with you the exact formula of how to achieve this. What we generally recommend that you do not try to remove your old links, because it could take years. Instead, start to build new links and abide by Google's rules of distribution. Ideally if I do a new link strategy, uneven distribution of links you've had will start to equalize and looks natural to Google.

Again, this is just our recommendation you do not have that you consider unless you want to. Whatever you do wish you much success in building good links and thus increase profits of your site.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When it comes to search engine optimization, many webmasters will jump through any hoops necessary to hold onto their PageRank. But is your PageRank death grip helping or hurting you?

PageRank is a number calculated by Google based on how many links are pointing to your webpage, how many links are pointing to the pages that are linking to yours, and so on. The theory is that the sites that are linked to by the most other sites must be the best sites. And if those links come from sites that have lots of links pointing to them, all the better.
Early in Google’s history, PageRank had a huge impact on how high your site got ranked in search results. It’s what made Google famous. And it’s what drove webmasters to rabidly scramble to get as many links to their sites as possible without really caring where they came from.
Because it used to be so valueable and so much emphasis was placed on tricks for building PageRank, the perceived importance of PageRank remains high even though it’s actual significance is much smaller than it used to be.
In a June 2007 article, Google engineer Amit Singhal revealed that Google’s ranking system involves over 200 factors, of which PageRank is just one.
If you think about it, it makes sense. Google’s goal is to show users the pages most likely to contain the information they’re searching for. If a page contains the keywords they entered, is the number of links pointing to that page the best measure of whether it’s the right page? Google’s system has evolved to consider much more than that.
Does the page simply contain the keyword, or is it about the keyword? Are the pages that link to it about that keyword or not? Does the link text that’s used to link to the page contain that keyword? Does the page link to other pages that talk about that keyword? Any one of those factors may be a better indicator than PageRank of whether that’s the page the user wants to see.
It’s actually very easy to test the theory that PageRank is not the all-important factor that many people think it is. Just install the Google browser toolbar, do a Google search, and check the PageRank of the pages that come up on page 1.
When I tried this experiment, one of the first searches I did was for “Chinese art”. The #4 result only had PageRank 2. It ranked higher than millions of other pages containing the same keywords not because of it’s massive PageRank (PageRank scores range from 0 to 10), but because Google believed that it was what someone searching for “Chinese art” would like to see.
A few more searches showed a PageRank 4 page in the #3 spot and a PageRank 3 page in the #6 spot for “SEO” — a highly competitive keyword (one that a lot of SEO “experts” probably spent a lot of effort trying to rank high for by building their PageRank!) And 3 of the top 10 results for “internet marketing” only had PageRank 4.
If that’s not enough logic and evidence to convince you that PageRank is no longer the all-powerful force of days past, then don’t bother using LinContEx — you won’t like it. To use this site, you have to give up your death grip on your PageRank and trust that doing the kinds of things that your website’s human visitors will value (like importing related content from other sites and linking to them) will also help you in the search engines.
I’m not saying that PageRank is worthless — it’s still one of the 200+ factors Google uses to rank pages. LinContEx isn’t all about trading PageRank for relevant content — your exchange partners will be giving you some PageRank back in exchange for the content they get from you. I’m just saying that some of the things you’re afraid to do if you value PageRank above all else are probably going to help you more than the loss of a little PageRank would hurt you.
Oh, and just to allay one more fear some webmasters have — you can easily make all of your outbound links open in a new browser window. That way, when your visitors close the sites you send them off to, they’ll still have your site open.
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Monday, March 02, 2015

Find blog Directories For blogs To Submit Your Blog for better exposure.

To get traffic it's critical to add your blog as much blog directories as you can,they are very good and most of them are high PR, which is the good reason for your to add your blog there if you have a good content,you can list them for beter exposure.
Most of them are free listing with some payment if you want premium listings,but some of them ask for payment those where you will get good result I can reassure you.

Here is the list: 

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