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Creating a blog can be very easy,in this post I will tell you  how to create a blog easy and free way,but if you do it the first time then it can be pandemonium and really get in a situation where you do not know more what to do you just wish to simply erase everything.

When I first created a blog ohh,, mercury madness, each step can be difficult and I always googled what to do next.
Today blogging one of the best known and most common way to earn on the internet and if you have a topic you desperately want to write about,than a blog is the right choice for you because you can, besides having fun and earn handsome amount of money.
Where to find free platform for creating a blog ?!
Actually, the Internet is full of website that offers free creation of blogs or websites (unless you want to save yourself from the sufferin,you can buy a ready created a blog / website)
But I will give you two of the most used – and
Blogger is a Google product, and you must create an account through gmail account,like in picture abowe.
When you create an account with them, you have the option to choose a free domain name of your choice, or if you want custom (com, net, org and other) you can buy.
wordpress blog
When you select a name (domain) you go to the blog design, theme (template) Blogger and WordPress offers a variety of designs,, but if you don’t like certainly can type in google ‘free blogger template or wordpress, (depending on what platform you will use)
I personally use a blogger and wordpress but is excellent and you can find beautiful designs for the blog, and installs in just a few steps very simple.
About what to write on the blog?
The choice of subject is not a problem because each of us has a hobby of just what makes a lot of well-known, example, if you are sports lover, poetry, work on nett, fashion, movies, or you can add categories and write many sorts of things.
When you select a topic, begin to write posts so that visitors have something to read while you’re finishing second thing that you must do to blogging one of the most important thing is the SEO (search engine optimization)
Remember, you are not alone!
When you make a mistake, free assistance offers you a blogger and wordpress forums where people beginners can seek help to create a blog.
What is SEO?
SEO (search engine optimization) is a process that will raise your page organic visit of your site.
It consists of a series of strategies, I will give you some strategies and it’s free:
– Listing and submissions, is to submit your site to high page rank (PR) directories there are so many for free or if you want better service you have to pay.
-Social Sites, get pages on Facebook for your site and let people share your content on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other, you can get a lot of traffic from them.
-Discussion Forums and boards,, join in forums and leave your opinion or question leaving your link to your websites, that is so caled ‘Link Building’ leaving your link on other sites to link back to you.
-Article writing- is an effective way of bringing traffic to your site so you are writing articles on sites where  people share their articles leaving the link of their blogs so that way they have backlinks to their blogs.
Of course another methods you can find on google, how to get free traffic to your site.
How to make money on a blog?
When you already have a lot of posts (articles on the blog) and when you’re done already with SEO than time is to choose the right site for a profit on your blog, and this is one of the most popular Google Adsense.
Google Adsense is a google publisher product that allow you to place an ad on your site and you are paid when someone clicks on the ad and paid you for the examinations (impressions).
More about AdSense can be found on google except that they are very strict and have their own restrictions as it is not allowed to copy the contents of someone else and you have to have custom domain (net, com, org.). If you site is unacceptable by Adsense,don’t stop, try again, or if you like other than adsense, that are almost equally good as adsense, find on Google Adsense Alternatives.
That’s all!
Article source Eclipto by Nasiha

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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Check out this video!

Hi people!

I hoppe you have all a nice day,,well most of you have very big amout of work to do on internet so have me to actually, I know many of you would rather go to the beach -who wouldn't? ;) but we have to work and wait for vacation,and this year is not so hot I miss hot days, but at least I can do is to work,so I will present you a very new sistem so called 'insightly'
So, what is all about?

What is insightly actually?

Are you a local or some small business owner?, this is system for everybody.
Insihhtly manages your contacts,emails,important dates and so as sales.
Keep track every client and customer ,insightly is new great system where all you can manage not to bother to remember all that .
it has great futures like calendars, task dashboard,report,costumization all that and with also mobile app so you can have with you all the time,its integrated with google,emails,evernote mailchimp, social media cgannels and much more.
Get everythyng one the same page. isn't that just great? :)
It helps small and bigger business.
It's integrated with everything. watch just a minut of this video presentation. 
Well now I will leave you in your business I know you are in jam, because these days I am very busy too.
Looks like this year will more have more work than relaxation and rest  in the sunny summer days

 Hoppe you will have nice weekend and don't forget to watch video presentation

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Methods to make money with affiliate program and your subscribers by sending emails.

First of all I want to thank to to letting us  to write a guest post on  such great website I would call it 'house ants',moneybiez just teeming of great sites to make money,also tips and ways to run successful online business.

I often check what is there new,it just might be something that I need.
And I was searching what to write about,what moneybiez missed?,and I found that they did not write about Adclickmedia and how you can earn on it.
This is my first quest post to write and I am not some writing expert but what I write here is  share of my own experience,and who knows, maybe one of you could have success with this publishing network so I will try to explain short and clear.

What is Adclickmedia?

Adclickmedia is  pay-per-click advertising network also publisher where you can monetize your blog or website,pages and social sites. Like other website publishers it's easy to understand and use,integrating code to your site is easy and you can get %50 revenue that advertisers pays.

This advertising network provides three types of advertising:

          - Photo Text Ads

          - Interstitial Ads
          - Banner Ads
 There is also, I would listed it 4th  monetizing method and that is Email PPC Ads -my fevorite :) but this 'icing on the cake' I will leave  for the last.
 Of course all these types are explained  inside members panel.
If you are an advertiser,this  pay-per-click network will get you quality advertising in front of  41,450 publishers.
This Program has also Affiliate program where you can invite more people (referrals) and get nice amount from them,of course you get all tools to do that.

Earn from your list of email subscribers.

This is my favorite part of adclickmedia called Email PPC Ads (you get paid for every click from your subscribers when you send email)

If you have a list of your subscribers you can monetize it and earn a lot because it's good rate of PPC and you get offers daily.
But there has some requirements when you apply your  list for approval.
 You must have at least of 500 subscribers on your list to apply.
Some requirements you must have to submit your list and you can see,you have a videos explained how to set up your list for approval,and how to find offers to promote and where to check your earnings.
Photo Text Ads
Photo Text Ads
Photo Text AdsWhat if you would like to join but you don't have subscribers enough to apply?Well I discover a nice solution for that :)Do you know that you don't have to bother to collect all that subscribers because you can buy them. is good one  but list is cheaper monthly subscription of over 1000k,2500k, 25000k and more to 100 000k subscribers and imagine how many you can get clicks by sending just one email?!When you set up at (getresponse I use) 'landing page' which they in adclickmedia will ask for list approval. At start you can buy 1000 subscribers which is $15.
I made this screenshot for you because I also was asking myself  'for God's sake,what is landing page?' because I never had list before,take a look and you will easy understand it and fill out the form -

 So when you create at getresponse or aweber landing page you put link here and it's OK to put that you purchased list online (if you did).

Click for submit and wait,my list was approved fast.Don't forget that you must not advertize on other advertizing methods ,only email. Earnings are cashed out via PayPal.
 This is how looks  like stats in panel-
Dodaj naslov

That's all about adclickmedia that I want to share with you,so when you get enough money to buy a list,you can start mailing and watch your earning grow,you can contact me for any question I will halp you!

           Sign up as a Publisher and good luck with earnings :) 

Read about how you can earn money with USA campaign Svior on Automatic 

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

How I  sold my service at SeoClerks!

In past few months there are some many people joined  to this great Pogram because this website offers you great tools for you to expose your services easy way and earn money.
It's just like but this one is new and growing so fast.
If you are a seller,seling some kind of software (by the way there are a lot of  PLR software,eBooks, that you can sell there) SEO services, articles twitter tweets,link building,graphic,writing blog reviews or any other kind of services, SeoClerks is just perfect marketplace for that.

How to sell service on SeoClerks?

This is not something that you will bother with,  create an account  HERE  you will get email verification you must confirm it.
Ok,now when you log in you will see that there are many categories where you can post for salle like software,eBooks,if you have a blog you can sell  reviews on your blog,for example I sell my tweets in my twitter account ,so if you have a lot of twitter followers than chose category 'Sell Tweets'

This is how it looks like, add titlle,description,for example: ' Hi guys I will tweet what you offer in front of my 8000 followers,I will tweet all related to a business,my twitter followers love to hear what you have to offer.
As a bonus I will post your tweet to my Facebook groups over 5k members two times'
Well something like that :) and bellow you will add tags and post what you will not tweet about  (adult)
and HIT the buton you are done.
Your services published wait for an order as you can see at this screenshot above I made a salle in my account I sell a atweet for $5 but got $4 because SeoClerks takes ghis fee.
Also if you want to buy a service,here you can get affordable SEO go for category 'Marketplace' and chose gig you need.

Earn with SeoClerks Affiliate program.

SeoClerks has good referring percentage so share you referral link to other you will get 10% from each person you referr.
Ohh, I need to mention you that if you want to get higher optimized profile so you get more sales,than complete your profile,like your bio,photo,bid on want to buy or sell,, and it would bee good if you buy  a service you will get to another level.
1. level is minimum payment is 10$ through paypal, and paid through payoneer and Western Union,
and level 2 and free are payments lower.
You can check levels and and payment options in account.

That's all, don't hesitate start  HERE and happy with selling :)


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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Bitcoin: What Is It, and Is It Right for Your Business? (via NewsCanada-Plus)

Bitcoin: What Is It, and Is It Right for Your Business? By E Speidel OK, so what’s Bitcoin? It’s not an actual coin, it’s “cryptocurrency,” a digital form of payment that is produced (“mined”) by lots of people worldwide. It allows peer…

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Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Set Up Email Subscriptions on Your Blog with Fdeeburner (via 7 Graces of Marketing - Ethical Marketing for Social Entrepr)
Step-by-step tutorial, with screenshots, for setting up an email subscription form on your blog, plus thoughts on the ethical practice of handling subscriptions. I’ve been wafting rather philosophically on this blog over the past four weeks, so I…

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Let me tell you something about,their services and also how you can make some money with their affiliate program. is Global cheapest clothing mall,beside china warehouse,there are also US warehouse,Germany,Japan,Russia warehouse,and other,but I like the most china because it's the cheapest shipping for me :) Various of clothes, shoes, jewelry and other different styles owns this campaign.


For some time I stop to visit boutiques I order often from like these websites and I must say guys,I don't know about you but I am quite satisfied with them.The best of all, this website offer you Affiliate Program and it's quite easy to use,you sign up and start to share-promote site and when someone place an order,you get paid.They provide you an affiliate link with your ID so they monitor  all your sales.OK now, you don't want to use affiliate program? Let my tell you my secret that what I just started in my country. I created a Facebook Fan Page you can visit it HERE my people from my country is very interested in their products so I just started and I am doing good, so my point is that you can buy a lot from this website and resell it in your  country, simple as that :)  I always save these kind of links,you never know (you wish to buy something cheap and new) you just might need it :)

  If you like an article,leave a comment and don't forget to visit maybe you will find there if you looking for something..... 







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