Saturday, April 12, 2014

How I  sold my service at SeoClerks!

In past few months there are some many people joined  to this great Pogram because this website offers you great tools for you to expose your services easy way and earn money.
It's just like but this one is new and growing so fast.
If you are a seller,seling some kind of software (by the way there are a lot of  PLR software,eBooks, that you can sell there) SEO services, articles twitter tweets,link building,graphic,writing blog reviews or any other kind of services, SeoClerks is just perfect marketplace for that.

How to sell service on SeoClerks?

This is not something that you will bother with,  create an account  HERE  you will get email verification you must confirm it.
Ok,now when you log in you will see that there are many categories where you can post for salle like software,eBooks,if you have a blog you can sell  reviews on your blog,for example I sell my tweets in my twitter account ,so if you have a lot of twitter followers than chose category 'Sell Tweets'

This is how it looks like, add titlle,description,for example: ' Hi guys I will tweet what you offer in front of my 8000 followers,I will tweet all related to a business,my twitter followers love to hear what you have to offer.
As a bonus I will post your tweet to my Facebook groups over 5k members two times'
Well something like that :) and bellow you will add tags and post what you will not tweet about  (adult)
and HIT the buton you are done.
Your services published wait for an order as you can see at this screenshot above I made a salle in my account I sell a atweet for $5 but got $4 because SeoClerks takes ghis fee.
Also if you want to buy a service,here you can get affordable SEO go for category 'Marketplace' and chose gig you need.

Earn with SeoClerks Affiliate program.

SeoClerks has good referring percentage so share you referral link to other you will get 10% from each person you referr.
Ohh, I need to mention you that if you want to get higher optimized profile so you get more sales,than complete your profile,like your bio,photo,bid on want to buy or sell,, and it would bee good if you buy  a service you will get to another level.
1. level is minimum payment is 10$ through paypal, and paid through payoneer and Western Union,
and level 2 and free are payments lower.
You can check levels and and payment options in account.

That's all, don't hesitate start  HERE and happy with selling :)


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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Bitcoin: What Is It, and Is It Right for Your Business? (via NewsCanada-Plus)

Bitcoin: What Is It, and Is It Right for Your Business? By E Speidel OK, so what’s Bitcoin? It’s not an actual coin, it’s “cryptocurrency,” a digital form of payment that is produced (“mined”) by lots of people worldwide. It allows peer…

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Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Set Up Email Subscriptions on Your Blog with Fdeeburner (via 7 Graces of Marketing - Ethical Marketing for Social Entrepr)
Step-by-step tutorial, with screenshots, for setting up an email subscription form on your blog, plus thoughts on the ethical practice of handling subscriptions. I’ve been wafting rather philosophically on this blog over the past four weeks, so I…

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Let me tell you something about,their services and also how you can make some money with their affiliate program. is Global cheapest clothing mall,beside china warehouse,there are also US warehouse,Germany,Japan,Russia warehouse,and other,but I like the most china because it's the cheapest shipping for me :) Various of clothes, shoes, jewelry and other different styles owns this campaign.


For some time I stop to visit boutiques I order often from like these websites and I must say guys,I don't know about you but I am quite satisfied with them.The best of all, this website offer you Affiliate Program and it's quite easy to use,you sign up and start to share-promote site and when someone place an order,you get paid.They provide you an affiliate link with your ID so they monitor  all your sales.OK now, you don't want to use affiliate program? Let my tell you my secret that what I just started in my country. I created a Facebook Fan Page you can visit it HERE my people from my country is very interested in their products so I just started and I am doing good, so my point is that you can buy a lot from this website and resell it in your  country, simple as that :)  I always save these kind of links,you never know (you wish to buy something cheap and new) you just might need it :)

  If you like an article,leave a comment and don't forget to visit maybe you will find there if you looking for something..... 







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Thursday, February 20, 2014

How To Get More Twitter Followers,I will explain you method and the way you can make money with twitter followers.


What do you think why so people running to gain as much as they can twitter followers and Facebook fans?
Well let me tell you my way,think your twitter followers like Television public and people (advertisers) will pay you an advertisement because you have the audience.The more audience-more money.
 Now I will not write to much I will give you a list of sites where you can get a lot of followers a day.

There are more,but these first 5 are the best,check out how many members are there and the most of them are active,these sites called social-media-exchanger sites where you can promote your website and social profiles,when you share,follow,like,visit website,you get points which you can use to get more facebook likes,twitter followers,website visits,youtube views and much more,and you can also earn money with these sites,because you can convert points to cash also there is affiliate (referral) program where you can earn money referring other people to site.
Now when you have enough of followers take some of this websites to make money and those sites are: system set up price for you (or you set your own) when advertiser send you an offer
you get paid to tweet. is website where you can sell all your services.
People sells all kind of services there,for example you can post ' Hi guys,I will tweet anything you like in front of my 5000 twitter followers and my Facebook 2000 fans just for $5 '
Visit site and you will get idea when you see how and what people sells,and also you can buy service to. you set up for price you want to tweet,but payment are with 'WePay' but I think paypal will integrate. - Ad Per Clicks rewards, you post links on your twitter account and get paid for every valid click,payment minimum $50 via paypal. is marketplace similar to also good to sell your services. I think it's even better than fiverr.

Also you can make money selling Amazon and eBay products sharing affiliate links to your twitters followers.

If this article was helpful, do please leave a comment, you can also check on article-

           How To Make Money On Svior On Automatic 

I am member there and recently cashed out they pays to their active members.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Well we all want more cash or pasta as we say in Spain, right?

Of course we do !! I did and am getting it every day :)

So how about the power of a low, low I mean
really low $1.75 program coupled with an awesome Team behind you who help skyrocket dollars into your bank account?

That is what I am going to tell you about right now, so
Sit back, enjoy and then Take ACTION, this just cannot be missed.

The Feeder Matrix Winners Team has become a feeding pasta frenzy !

A once only low $1.75 payment gets you up and running, downloadable products on each level and get upto $100k (yes you can make over 99 thousand dollars !!!) .

** Member to member instant payments ** No Admins to withhold payment !!

You (with help from me and other teammembers) build 4 people on your first level who each send you $1.75 payments. Then you move up to level 2,  and pay for it using some of your profits from level 1 to buy the new products and become eligible for 16 payments of $5 from members. This goes on for eight levels in total.
HOWEVER the clever part is that this is in two phases so your referrals on level 1 are also on level 5, their referrals become your level 2 and also level 6. In otherwords this is only a 4 x 4 genealogy matrix AND your upline once they get their four spill their referrals down to you. Very clever and it means your downline fills up very fast and you get member payments to you quickly and they go up in value very quickly.

Check these videos for more information ....

Feeder Matrix (Winners Team) The HOT New Biz Turns $1.75 into $100,000
watch this youtube video

Feeder Matrix Explained in Plain English – How Does It Work?

What Are The Feeder Matrix Products? Explaned Here


Remember that this is Fun and profitable, so join one of your new fellow team members HERE ....  to get added to the team links and get extra cash to make your Christmas an awesome one :)

Join our Facebook Group !

Once you have upgraded then you need to complete the google document to get added to the Team Rotator AND my rotator. This is all described in the first post in the facebook group.

Now of course I am here to help, so if you need any further information or just want to ask a question please contact me as below.

As always warm wishes from Spain,

Ed Blount
Skype edublount
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to create a PayPal account and verify it ?

In this post I will show you step by step to open PP account and how to verify it.
One of my friend ask me how to do it so this gave my an idea  to write a post about it and put some screenshot it will be easier for newbies to open PP account and verify it to receive or send money online.Well if you are in online business than is necessary to have payment processors like paypal, payza, Eopay and others.But the most used is PayPal I think.
First of all go to and create account.

Select on account type. As you can see on photo there are two types of PP account and start to create an account under one you selected.
There are several types off PP accounts like Business,Student,Personal,Premier and all are individuals and can only be associated with one person and one email address.

  • If you chose Individual (Personal account)  with that type of account you can by on stores like eBay,you can send money to a friend or family,or just by something online,or receive money.I use this one :)

  • Business accounts is recommended  for online merchants who run business online operate under some company.Business account provides you all tools that business needs, like  Express Checkout,up to 200 employees limited access to your account,Set up a separate email address for your customer service issues.

  •  Create an account-Enter your contact info. like email and password,name itc.Password must be at least 8 characters long.( If you forgot your password you can always retry it with email) You will receive an email from Paypal to confirm your account by visiting link  "Activate." This will activate your account and open your PayPal account in a new window. 

  • Verefication - Its pretty easy to verify account,when you add your bank account or debit card,visa/master card ( you will see where stands in paypal 'account unverified' click on 'verify'  paypal will   send you 4-digit code to your bank account and it will look like this -PayPal*1234 CODE or PP*1234 CODE  ( note that you have to wait for 2 to 3 business days for the PayPal code to appear on your  card.Ask your card provider by phone for paypal code or go yourself in Bank and ask for that code. paypal will charge your card about $2 or less for verification.
    Take that code and  log in to your PayPal account and click Profile near the top of the page. Click My money under My Profile and then click Update in the Debit and credit cards section.

    That's it !! 
    Hope this was helpful.
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