What is BlogSkinny and how is it important for bloggers?

BlogSkinny is nice  platform for bloggers to make some money by writing  jobs for business owners.
Blogging is one of the most used method to earn money online and I was  focused a little on search what kind of site is ideal for all kind of blogs, famous and less famous and I find BlogSkinny 
perfect ,all you need to do is sign up for an account,add your blog and wait so they review it.           
Once your blog get approved  you will get jobs to do and the good thing is that no meter what you write about,you have different categories from Art,Culture,Education,Business,Family and many others categories you chose what your blog category belongs to and wait you will be informed for new job  opportunity.
There are bloggers that earn nice amount per day depends on your blog ( I quess) popularity and traffic your blog gets.
If you were looking for other sites to make money with your blog,stop here...

Do you need a content?

We all know that interacting with bloggers can  attract people to your work.
This website is wealthy with over 50.000 very quality bloggers that will write for you and  you can an effective way get nice amount of backlinks to your site.
Blogskinny.com gives an opportunity to companies to expose their services through bloggers and that way bloggers earn money writing for other so this is kind of win-win situation for both sides,companies pays to  get exposed and bloggers get paid.
I see many bloggers writing about this amazing site like makemoneyinlife
 Blogskinny is good way to get interact with bloggers ,it's easy to use and sign up free.
I am member for little time and I start to like it :) I think you will too.                
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