Run successful business with basic business plan and strategies.

Everybody who runs  business online needs the business plan in order to get investors or customers.
That is why some people  fail, making mistakes by don't creating no king of business plan or strategy.
I had a question by someone asking me how to start,what is needed to create a simple blog.
I would like to say that this is first strategy to run  successful business is ,ask,search,how-what people do strategy online,who are your competitors and that way you know how to start and what to focus on.
The first things in business plans I would like to include:

1. Make a good rich description  of your business ( whether you are selling your own product or someone else).

2. Make a brand of your product,(make blog or a website).

3. Make good info. on your site so readers can have all the info. they are looking for,as long as you write some important content people will read and come back for more.

4. Get traffic to your blog or website and there are many ways to do that (article marketing,building a list and others). 

5. Get involved in high PR forums but only in topics related to your product.

6. One common strategy is to make an eBook of your business or product sell it or give away,share the word about your business.

7. Subscribe yourself to letters to some marketing experts so you can get notified  about their advice and important and hidden  strategy how to run successful life,remember ,you always learn something new from marketing gurus. (I do that :) )

8. Make your blog nice looking,there is so many nice template free or paid to use ( My blog was initially black and  link on pages were green so one person,I remember said that remind him on some hacker site which was true ) :) 

9. Prepare yourself first before you start to write,and by that I mean do a search,collect some data you need, see what product other use so you can have advantages and write better exposure.

10. Make video of your product and upload it to youtube.

Strategies with video content marketing. 

Video content marketing is one of the most used strategy to run business online,its easy to create video or if you are not get yourself into it,you can see on Feverr that many people offers you to create a very professional video of your topic for just of  $5.
The best marketer uses video to promote their business because youtube is source of  huge traffic.
There are also people offer you to create professional business plan for you for a small amount.
These are just few of business strategies of course there are more business plans that can be implemented.
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