What is svior and how to earn money?

My duties at Svior is to explain  people how to make passive income.
Svior is website that beside advertising,offer a variety of Income,has a good online reputation
I am going  to explain by simple way how you can earn on svior.
             -playing games ( similar to PTC site-clicking advertisement,just here you earn more)
              -Selling SEO packages
              -Earn money on automatic (by investing in automatic $5-$25-$100,system works for you,you earn next months.explaned bellow)
              -Earn by inviting other members or you can become  director or account manager (to lead other people's accounts),you get $300 or more, I f you would like that you send them support ticket.

             -Earn selling SEO packages,see screenshot-

 Pay- is where you can find SEO packages and selling to website owners you have affiliate link and you get percentage every sale you make.
Funding-is section where you get percentage if someone pay (sponsor) for example if you have or find others clothing or flowers campaigns you get paid since you brought it, or when you drag some other campaigns that sponsor other projects.
Directory is section where you drag campaigns to submit their websites to this directory,you get paid when someone pay for submission through your link.

Free advertising
And one more thing about svior that you have chance to advertise for free,where you can't do that anywhere else on nett.
Just go for  tab 'traffic' and chose what to promote links or banners see in screenshot

How to play and earn on games?

This is the most important and most used part (I think) because it's easy to use and you can earn a lot without using other earning methods.
I will little explain to you how it works :
when you click on games it will show you games and coins like in his screenshot  :

Coin was the most played and you can earn a lot but you have to pay $25 ( ad funds to central account ),but now they have set up 'automatic' playing where you can add funds $25 and do nothing the system is clicking for you all you need to do is to check for a few days in account to see your earnings or in the meantime  you can share photos and earn up to  $0.02/unique click.
This is the new method to earn on svior, is by sharing photos and the most members earn on automatic and this part of svior see screenshot: 

As you can see in screenshot I am Promember and I setup for automatic but if you don't want to invest go for Pay per Click and that will lead you on page where you will see what svior offer for free members how they can earn on guardian,it's little slow so I suggest you to go for automatic and let system work for you.
Playing games Micro,Easy Rider how to play you can find on youtube you will see instructions but now let focus ,on the most loved part of mine is Sharing Photos.
As I mentioned that you can earn up to $0.02  it's quite easy to do ;

Go for photos you have instruction there you have gallery photos to share and click on photo that you want to share under that photo you have your link.
Your clicks are counted on automatic section and you can also upload your own image after uploading, you can find it in gallery  visit this link to see and you can sign up to start instantly .when you reach $100 the system buys the cycles for you.
The more cycles-the more earning for you.


If you have no money to invest , you have a guardian for free members to click ads to earn $ 5 or more to pay for Automatic.
Automatic Micro - you can start with an investment of $ 5.00 , but you'll need about 6 months to get a payout of $ 30 - $ 60 or invest in automatic  $ 25 and you get the first payment after 2-3 month and next month payments are bigger and more often , the payments are weekly or monthly , investment only one time .
The best and most optimal way is to start with an investment of $ 150.00 since then drag earnings for the first month . $ 30.00 investment brings about $ 100.00 per month in the beginning and later to $ 500 until you make the total sum of $ 3,000.00 and if you enroll people and work with their advertising link which is located on the site, then the sum of $ 5,000.00 if a lot of people enrolled under your ref.link .

If you start with just $ 25 Do not be surprised and ask the first two months where your cycles and earnings,everything is going slowly. The answer is because it is an investment as low as $ 25th The third month you get $30 or more, and than faster,every month things are going faster and the first payment should be $ 30, $ 50 or $ 70 After that, the sum that you receive are becoming larger and more frequent receive weekly payments.
This is the best site for those who don't like to spend a lot of time on one site and who has a money,because you buy automatic $5-$25 or $150 and get next months $3000-$5000 Ok don't get me wrong you will not get every month that sum ,for example if you pay $25 next month you will get $30-$70 or more until you are paid up to $3000. or higher if you invest more.
I ques you wonder how it works?
If you have question?I have the answers,,

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Remember site has  good reputation and pays.

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