How To Get More Twitter Followers,I will explain you method and the way you can make money with twitter followers.


What do you think why so people running to gain as much as they can twitter followers and Facebook fans?
Well let me tell you my way,think your twitter followers like Television public and people (advertisers) will pay you an advertisement because you have the audience.The more audience-more money.
 Now I will not write to much I will give you a list of sites where you can get a lot of followers a day.

There are more,but these first 5 are the best,check out how many members are there and the most of them are active,these sites called social-media-exchanger sites where you can promote your website and social profiles,when you share,follow,like,visit website,you get points which you can use to get more facebook likes,twitter followers,website visits,youtube views and much more,and you can also earn money with these sites,because you can convert points to cash also there is affiliate (referral) program where you can earn money referring other people to site.
Now when you have enough of followers take some of this websites to make money and those sites are: system set up price for you (or you set your own) when advertiser send you an offer
you get paid to tweet. is website where you can sell all your services.
People sells all kind of services there,for example you can post ' Hi guys,I will tweet anything you like in front of my 5000 twitter followers and my Facebook 2000 fans just for $5 '
Visit site and you will get idea when you see how and what people sells,and also you can buy service to. you set up for price you want to tweet,but payment are with 'WePay' but I think paypal will integrate. - Ad Per Clicks rewards, you post links on your twitter account and get paid for every valid click,payment minimum $50 via paypal. is marketplace similar to also good to sell your services. I think it's even better than fiverr.

Also you can make money selling Amazon and eBay products sharing affiliate links to your twitters followers.

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I am member there and recently cashed out they pays to their active members.